Need to Know

The following is a list of items for St. Christopher's Addiction Wellness Center patients to bring with them prior to admission to Residential or Extended Phase Treatment.

What to Bring

Your personal toiletries (a shaving kit is recommended)

Towels, wash cloths, bath accessories, robe, shower shoes

Clothing for seven (7) days, to include: gym clothes, casual clothes (no frayed or tattered pants or shorts), a set of dress clothes for special occasions, laundry basket (may be purchased after check in)

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and/or any 12 Step self-help books you have

Stamps, stationery, and alarm clock (with no radio)

Spending money for incidentals; money will be locked up in the business office for safety

Do Not Bring


Mouth Wash

Aerosol Hair Spray

Aerosol Deodorant


Credit Cards

Cell Phones