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How to Get Your Loved One Into Treatment

Last week, Brandy Kingman had the pleasure of bringing back Ken Seeley from A&E’s hit show Intervention to participate in a Facebook Live video. In this engaging episode, Ken not only discusses the intervention process but also provides tips to assist families on how to get their loved ones into addiction treatment. B: In...

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What is Addiction?

We recently sat with St. Christopher’s COO, Brandy Klingman, LMSW, BACS, and Zach Knippenberg, BSW, RAC, to discuss addiction and how it affects family members. The following is are excerpts from that conversation. What is addiction? Zach: There is a ton of stigma associated with the word addiction. You think of someone really down on...

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How to Detach and Set Boundaries

We sat with St. Christopher’s COO, Brandy Klingman, LMSW, BACS, to get her opinion on this. What is a healthy way to detach and set boundaries? I think it’s a good idea to detach in a way so that your life doesn’t depend on this other person. That your happiness, security, spiritual health, psychological health...

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