Programs & Services


Some of our patients desire an added level of accountability and support once they complete the standard treatment term. Some also use monitoring as a sort of insurance policy for their sobriety.

We offer a 1-5 year monitoring contract for those who want to ensure they stay on the right track when they return home.

Most monitoring services include the following:
Random Drug Screening – Patients call an automated system Monday through Friday to see if they are selected to test. Testing facilities and supplies are pre-arranged and our drug screens are among the most sophisticated available. Any positive results are reviewed by our Medical Team for verification.

12 Step Meetings – Patients are required to participate in meetings every week and verify meeting attendance. All verification documents are submitted to the monitoring coordinator as required.

Sponsorship Verification – Patients are required to have their AA/NA sponsor verify work completed in the program.

Aftercare Attendance/Counseling Services – With permission, the monitoring coordinator will communicate with aftercare providers and therapists/counselors. Patients document compliance with all counseling recommendations.

Lastly, patients maintain periodic phone or face to face contact with monitoring coordinator.

Our monitoring services are based on criteria of professional licensing boards and corporate employee assistance programs. Monitoring allows our patients added safeguards in his or her recovery and removes the family from the daunting role of managing their loved one’s recovery.

While no program can guarantee sobriety and recovery, monitoring can offer additional structure and can intervene on the relapse process before it progresses. Our contracts include recommendations made by the treatment provider and suggestions from the client and family. Monitoring services are also utilized to ensure compliance with continuing care recommendations.

To learn more about St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center contact our admissions office at 877-782-4747 and visit our Staff Page to meet the St. Christopher’s Team.