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STC Addiction Wellness Center is dedicated to implementing effective and affordable addiction wellness programs, helping our clients and their families to gently rediscover the best in themselves and their relationships and to achieve long-term sobriety.

When our son got his second DWI, he asked us to send him to a rehab facility. Everything in his life was spiraling out of control, and he knew he needed help.

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Homeless, living in his truck, crashing on friends' couches, addicted to pills and binge-drinking for 4 solid months, he decided it was time to make a change.

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St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center meets you where you are. We offer hope and help to suffering alcoholics and drug addicts, as well as those with co-occurring disorders, seeking recovery.

We offer a variety of treatment services, a continuum of care, for males eighteen and older — and their families — as well as outpatient and referral services for women.

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We offer detox services, on premise, where clients receive nursing care, receive proper assessments, and medical examinations. Our goal is to provide a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs.

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Primary Care

When a client enters our Primary Care our focus is on physical and mental stabilization. We identify core issues and build a treatment plan based on the information we have gathered including substance history, medical needs, and psychiatric needs.

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Extended Care

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center provides an extended care program as an extension from inpatient treatment. Clients can enter our Extended Care Program directly from our Primary Care, or directly from another facility.

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Recovery Home

St. Christopher’s Recovery Home program is the portion of Long Term treatment in which clients gain employment, attend school and/or participate in volunteer work while simultaneously progressing through the program’s therapeutic structure

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Intensive Outpatient

St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center offers intensive outpatient services to men and women, and their families. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed for people who are ready to integrate back into daily life involving work, school, and other responsibilities.

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Family Program

Addiction is devastating for a family. Actively participating in the recovery process through healthy visitation, education, and counseling can empower the family with a new way to support the addict in treatment and in recovery.

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Sober Achievement through Guidance and Education—It is no secret that addiction destroys our lives and leaves us broken, overwhelmed, and confused. Learning to recover offers a second chance at life that many of us never thought we would have.

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Sober Living

St. Christopher’s has its own Sober Living apartment community in Baton Rouge for individuals who have completed long term treatment at STC. Men in recovery appreciate living in a safe, sober environment with their peers.

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Aftercare is an excellent way to stay connected to other alumni and is helpful in sustaining long term sobriety. Our aftercare clients remain involved with others in recovery, build support systems in the community, and create close bonds with people active in recovery programs.

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Some of our clients desire an added level of accountability and support once they complete the standard treatment term. Some also use monitoring as a sort of insurance policy for their sobriety.

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STC exceeds the national average for
facilities across the United States.

As seen on the A&E television
series Intervention.

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